Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Halaaa. :’) Ancute ni Babe. :”> charaught. xP nohates fren. :’*


Halaaa. :’) Ancute ni Babe. :”> charaught. xP nohates fren. :’*





I Like the way he Acting. So Awesome. Ilike all of His Movies. :)


Saturday, October 19, 2013


What: I’m selling #SS5Manila ticket. Upperbox 406 I-14.

Prize: 3k negotiable.

Reason for selling: Spare ticket. :))

Please REBLOG. Help me sell this ticket. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013


I am so back! Haha, why don’t you tag me in some of your stuff and I’ll reblog some pictures so we’ll be updated? That sounds good, right? :)

Just tag ‘fyeahmariomaurer’ in your posts and I’ll reblog them! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anonymous asked: mario and gubgib back together? sorry im late with the news

Got back together and broke up again.

Anonymous asked: whats the story between mario and gubgib?

They’ve been together for 9 years but they recently broke up.

Anonymous asked: how did mario and gubgib go back together?

Hello! They broke up again.

Anonymous asked: R u still gay


iamgirlwaley asked: Hello! Im also a MARiO MAURER FANATiC! :))

That’s great! Hello! :)

Anonymous asked: Is that true that Mario is dating Kakai Bautista who lived in Philippines? :)

No, they just got closer because Kakai and Mario were both stars in the film, ‘Suddenly It’s Magic,’ and also because Kakai went to Thailand. :)

Anonymous asked: who is rhe girlfriend of Mario Mario in 2013?

Mario recently broke-up with his long-time girlfriend, Gubgib Sumontip. :)

He’s single. :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Anonymous asked: Mario said Erich is "magandang-maganda", and he really said that Erich is very pretty. K NUFF SAID

Uhh, I’m guessing that this is a continuation?

Okay then, we are entitled to our own opinion, so I’ll give you that. :)

I won’t tell you if I agree though. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi, I have nothing against you but you kind of pissed me off when you said, "Mario is teamed up with Erich, WHAT THE F***?" (not the exact words but something like that) and well, I've watched Suddenly It's Magic and I think they really really really really look good together, FYI, Erich is a personal choice of Mario. He exclusively chose Erich to be her leading lady. Go to youtube and search "E-live- Mario Maurer Chooses Erich Gonzales".

Hello, Anon! Uhh, I would like to say that I would rather have Kim Chiu as Mario’s partner than Erich. :) And FYI, he didn’t choose Erich, Twitter did. They had this thing wherein the first Filipina girl to trend worldwide will be Mario’s partner and coincidentally, Erich was promoting something at that time so she was the first to trend and Kim Chiu came second. :)